Sales Intelligence For Upwork Agencies


How it works

Apply for projects fast, grow efficiency and sales, see statistics for bids/answers


UpAgency software selects projects based on your Ideal Client Profile (Budget, Location, Technologies/Niche)


Apply for projects fast with Cover Letters Assistant (with your portfolio links and custom questions)


Stats for the performance. Filter the reply rate by clients’ countries, project technologies, etc


Get More Qualified Leads With UpAgency Software

Our software is the perfect match for the teams who just start or for agencies with succesfull history on Upwork. All projects in UpAgency your ICP (Ideal Client Profile). You just don’t waste your time looking through not relevant of projects.
UpAgency also works great when you don’t have any Sales Development Representatives in-house. The software is so effective that you will spend minutes to cover all the matching projects on Upwork.
100% Legal. UpAgency doesn’t any auto-bidding. Our product helps you to store the information in the right place and use it whenever you need.
The stats will show you how you perform. Make data-driven decesions and see how many proposals were sent per day/week/month. Insights serve to show what specific client audience answers your proposals the most.


All projects are here

Full-time monitoring of Upwork projects, building a unique feed for your profile of the best match opportunities

The best fit Upwork projects

Based on the ICP (Ideal Client Profile) our software selects the right projects. We use AI to predict the chance of getting the project.

Cover letters assistant technology

Our product gives you a lets you or your managers send custom bids in seconds

Meet your sales goals

Being effective you can send as many proposals to cover all the right projects and save time for other tasks

Reports & Stats

You have an access to statistics on proposals/answers per day/week/month. See insights on the most performing managersh


Free up the time & energy
of your in-house

Increase the efficiency of bidding on Upwork, get the right projects and see analytics